Dispens-IT Used by over 450 Dispensing Practices in the UK

Vivitech's Dispens-IT software is designed for use within dispensing GP surgeries.

Its primary function is to help eliminate human error in the dispensary by making use of the barcodes that appear on almost every item.

It is in use at an ever-growing number of satisfied dispensing practices across the UK.

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What you need to know

Quite simply, Dispens-IT intercepts and stores the details of each prescribed item as it is output from the surgery’s clinical system and withholds the printing of the item label until dispensary staff have scanned the barcode of the item. If the barcode matches the item(s) description, the label is printed normally. If it does not, a warning message prompts the user to investigate.

Introducing this simple extra step in the dispensing process typically takes only a second or two per item, yet can save hours of time in manual second checking. In addition, a complete historical log of all dispensed items is maintained, including the scanned barcodes, and this history may be easily queried and printed using familiar PC-based tools. 

By interfacing only at the labels level, Dispens-IT can be used with all the popular GP clinical data systems.

The barcode database is populated during the initial period of use within each individual surgery and maintained as part of normal operation. There are no expensive subscriptions to database providers and no lengthy update procedures to endure.

 + Works with EMIS Web, PCS, LV, SystmOne, Vision, Micro-Test Evolution, PM2, AAH ProScript, Healthy, Synergy, Ganymede and other GP Clinical Systems

 + Removes the need for manually second checking every item

 + Creates a historical log of all items dispensed for traceability

 + Supports thermal printers for fast, silent and low cost labels (even if your existing system cannot print to thermal printers!)

Dispens-IT is priced on a per-workstation basis to allow surgeries to order as many scanning stations as they require.

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An Engineer will visit your surgery and install DispensIT. During installation, training is given to dispensing staff on how to use the system.

To arrange the installation of Dispens-IT, contact us on 01777 234500.

Updates, telephone and internet support are free of charge for one year following installation.

Annual support charge for Primary site is only £450, and £75 for each secondary site (exc VAT).
The annual support charge will not be implemented until at least 12 months following installation of Dispens-IT.

DispensIT V3 Guide (with StockIT)

User Manual Download (PDF) A PDF viewer will be required to view this Manual (Right Click and Save).

DispensIT V2 Guide

User Manual Download (PDF)

Download a brochure click here

These samples can be viewed using a PDF reader.

Checkout all the great Key Benefits

  • Reduce Dispensing Time

    Removes need for manually second checking every item.

  • Track Dispensed Items

    Creates log of all items dispensed for traceability and call-backs.

  • No Ink Required

    Supports thermal printers for fast, silent and low cost labels.

  • Life Saving Support

    Free UK Based remote support for one year included.

This is how it looks

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