Mars-IT Create Medication Administration Records and Dossette Sheets Seamlessly

Vivitech's Mars-IT software is designed for use within dispensing GP surgeries.

MARS-IT is an add-on module for Dispens-IT, allowing dispensers to create Medication Administration Record Sheets and Dossette/Insert documents for use with Nursing Homes and Surgeries. It can print sheets directly to A4 or A5 Paper.

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What you need to know

MARS-IT works by capturing the Labels from the GP System through DispensIT. When the Drug Barcode is then scanned out, it inserts the information from the labels into a generated report. This information can then be customised, and further instructions can be added if needed.

It can produce different types of reports, such as Medication Administration Record Sheets and also Dossette sheets for use in Nursing Homes & Surgeries. Currently these are printed directly to A4 Plain Paper, and no additional equipment is required.

MARS-IT costs £450 for the first terminal, £100 for every additional terminal.

There is also an annual support cost of £30, this will cover both your surgery and branch surgery. Support is free for the first year and is billed on the same day as your annual Dispens-IT support.

The cost for an additional installation of Dispens-IT, label printer and MARS-IT, manually installed in your surgery with on-site training is £1,450.00 (Package saving of £260).

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Installation is done through a secure remote connection. During installation we will also show you how to use the product.

Should you request that we visit, there will be a charge of £350 for the day, also depending on the distance there maybe an extra charge for mileage.

To arrange the installation of the add-on, contact the Help Desk on 01777 234500.

NOTE: Mars-IT is not a standalone program, it requires Dispens-IT to be already installed on the machine, as it functions as an add-on to the software.

Updates, telephone and internet support are free of charge for one year following installation.

An additional support fee per surgery will be charged at the annual renewal date for the Dispens-IT support.

Additional annual support charge - £100
The increase in the annual support charge will not be implemented until at least 12 months following installation of Stock-IT.

These are some samples of how our Reports appear, they can be fully customised to suit your clients...

E-MAR Reports:   MAR Sample 1   /   MAR Sample 2   /   MAR Sample 3
E-Dossette Reports:   Dossette Sample 1   /   Dossette Sample 2

View the User Manual to see how it works with DispensIT...
Download V3 Manual   /   Download V2 Manual

These samples can be viewed using a PDF reader.

Checkout all the great Advantages

  • Business Opportunities

    You could attract new contracts supplying to local Nursing Homes.

  • Reports in Less Time

    Removes need for manually entering colour, code, shape and type.

  • Prints To Plain Paper

    Prints label information directly to A4/A5 Paper, saving you money.

  • Life Saving Support

    Customised Reports & Free UK Based remote support for one year included.

This is how its look like

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