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14 Jun 2018   Latest Dispens-IT News

The Falsified Medicines Directive

Recently we’ve been having an increasing number of enquiries about the requirements of next year’s Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) and whether Dispens-IT will be helping users to comply with the new scanning requirements.

The answer is YES – we are pleased to say that Dispens-IT will have access to the UK’s National Medicines Verification System (NMVS) and a new version of Dispens-IT is in the pipeline ready to connect to it.

Actually we’ve been anticipating this for a long while and if you purchased a barcode scanner from us within the last two years or so, it will already be capable of reading the “2D” matrix-style barcodes that FMD uses.  However, if you are still using one of the older “Heron” scanners (the kind that fires a single red line across the barcode) then you will need to upgrade it eventually.

Aside from meeting the new legal requirements, there are other advantages for Dispens-IT users with the arrival of the FMD barcodes:

  No more checking expiry dates – they are contained in the 2D barcode and Dispens-IT will warn you if a product is nearing its expiry date

  Less “teaching” new barcodes – new product codes should already be known on the NMVS database

  Dispens-IT will be able to automatically log batch numbers as they too are in the 2D barcode

We’re planning to start upgrading Dispens-IT installations later this year, so that you can get used to scanning the 2D barcodes as they begin to appear on products, well ahead of the February 2019 start date for the verification system.

More information to follow – but, of course, do get in touch if you have any questions.


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