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30 Nov 2018   Latest Dispens-IT News

FMD: Dispens-IT Passes SecurMed’s Testing

As we previously announced in the summer, we have been busily preparing a brand new version of Dispens-IT that is ready for use with the new “Falsified Medicines Directive” (FMD) verification system. 

The UK hub of the FMD system is being operated by a not-for-profit organisation called SecurMed and they are currently running tests on all software products that wish to connect to the hub to ensure they measure up!

We are very proud to announce that Dispens-IT has passed the necessary tests and is now eligible to connect to the live UK national system, which is just coming online.

All pharmacies and dispensing practices will need to register in order to access the national FMD system and this is starting to happen now, ready for the February “go live”.  You can either register directly via the SecurMed website, or ask your software supplier (that’s us!) to register for you.

If you would like us to register your practice so that you are ready to connect to the FMD system - or if you have any queries about it all - then please contact us either by phone or email:

01777 234500


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