Frequently Asked Questions These are some answers to most commonly asked questions.

  • Is the SystemOne or EmisWeb Scanning Module the same as DispensIT?

    No, DispensIT's scanning feature is a safety check mechanism, which warns the user if an incorrect barcode has been scanned and will not produce a label if the barcode scanned is incorrect. Wheras the feature included within SystemOne and EmisWeb is purely for stock depletion. The scanning module within those systems is only enabled when you are using their stock control. It does not check to see if the barcode scanned is for the right patient and at the right dosage. It purely deducts stock for the item being scanned.

    Our system will work with TPP SystemOne and EmisWeb even if you are using their Stock Control feature. We simply disable the barcode scanning within it's settings and then you only need to scan the barcode once from within DispensIT. You will not lose any existing Stock Control functionality.

    Dispens-IT will work with any modern GP Clinical System with and without Stock Control enabled. If you are planning on migrating to one of these systems, we will upgrade your DispensIT setup to work with it free of charge (where the annual support fee has been paid).

  • Is DispensIT Compatible with Windows 7?

    Yes, Dispens-IT is compatible with Windows 7 32bit & 64bit. If you are planning on upgrading your PC's at your practice, please ensure that all of the pc's are either Windows 7 32bit or 64bit (DO NOT MIX THE VERSIONS OF ARCHITECTURE).

    We would appreciate if you could contact us directly before migrating over to the new PC's. When replacing a PC, please ask the IT Engineer to copy over the Vivitech folder from the path C:\Vivitech\ to the new computer. It would also be useful if the new computer is given the same name as the old one it is replacing... although this is not essential. When they have copied over the files, you can contact us and we will update your software free of charge (where the annual support fee has been paid)

  • Is Electronic Ordering Supported in Stock-IT?

    Not at present - there are just too many competing ordering systems out there! You are prompted to re-order an item using your usual method when stock reaches your choses low level, and the product data is ready for pasting into a browser to help you quickly at to your order. Alternatively, you can generate a report of stock that is low at any time to help you place an order for multiple items.

  • What is the annual support fee? what does it provide?

    The annual support fee is charged at the end of the first year of free support. It covers your practice for software updates and support from our UK-Based Helpdesk Team using the latest secure remote support tools, including moving your Dispens-IT installation to a new or updated PC.

    The barcode scanners we supply are ultra-reliable and come with 5 year warranty, during which we will supply you a brand new replacement free of charge if needed. If you migrate over to a new clinical system we will upgrade your DispensIT software to work with the new GP system at no extra cost. Or, if you upgrade to a new PC we will migrate your DispensIT license from your old PC to the new one. These are some of the benefits of keeping your support account up-to-date.

    Essentially your support fees ensure that there is always a technician available when you need our support! There is no limit on how often you can contact us, and our team will always be happy to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

  • Will Mars-IT work as a standalone product?

    Mars-IT is an add-on to DispensIT, it will not function without DispensIT installed. DispensIT combined with MarsIT ensures that the barcodes being scanned are correct, it saves barcodes and drug descriptions, so that the next time the same barcode is scanned they do not need to be re-entered.

    This saves time for dispensers when creating MAR Charts and they do not need to hand write the details or stick on labels like they would have done without MarsIT installed. Saving roughly 10 minutes on every report.

  • Are the MAR and Dossette Reports Customisable?

    The Mars-IT Reports are fully customisable by our engineers. If your Nursing Home / Clients require modifications to your reports, contact us and we will make any necessary changes to the report where technically possible and the annual support is up-to-date.

  • I have a Project Idea for my business, how much do you charge for development?

    We understand that your project is important to you. We want to make sure we deliver a product that meets all your needs, so we ask that you contact us on 01777 234500 to discuss your project. That way we can give you an accurate estimation.

    Our skilled team and library of work means that we are able to produce solutions at competitive rates. Get in touch today for a chat.

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