DF1Server A cost-effective alternative to RSLinx as a data provider to your applications.

Vivitech's DF1Server provides a means of acquiring data from Allen Bradley programmable controllers.

Traditionally, to access data within Allen Bradley PLC's, users have turned to Rockwell's RSLinx product. However, this can be a costly option for those situations where you simply need to read and write some data tables, for recipe selection or data acquisition for writing to a database, for example.

Our DF1Server product provides a much more cost-effective RSLinx alternative.

What you need to know

Our DF1Server product is a .Net application that provides a gateway for other applications to read/write data via any suitable DF1 hardware link (serial ports, 1784-U2DHP device, even the good old KF2!). It runs as a windows "tray" application and listens for requests (via a network TCP port) to open channels to PLCs. Once a channel is open, data can be read/written to the connected PLC. As the requests are sent via TCP, they can come from remote computers on the network as well as the PC running DF1Server. Any Windows platform will do, from XP onwards!

The network-side message format is text-based, so the requests can come from any network-capable device, but for ease of programming, a .Net DLL is included for developers wishing to send requests from another .Net application, or even just from a VB-backed spreadsheet.

Single-channel - £125

Multi-channels - £350

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Updates, telephone and email support are free of charge for one year, after which a support charge applies as follows:

Single-channel annual support charge - £25 per installation

Multi-channels annual support charge - £50 per installation

User Manual Download (PDF) A PDF viewer will be required to view this Manual (Right Click and Save).

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