IT SupportOur Engineers will keep your business running smooth

Looking to minimise down-time with your IT and stop losing money and customers? Let Us Be Your IT Support!

We offer IT support either on an hourly rate or a pre-paid basis depending on the service you require. If you are losing business or production time because of an IT problem, call us. Don't struggle on trying to solve a problem that we have probably seen before and already solved!

By choosing Vivitech as your Support provider, you are ensuring that your business is prepared for any issues that may arise. IT is critical to your business operation, often any outages may result in a backlog of work, loss of customers, money, a poor experience for your customers and staff members. Vivitech takes pro-active measures to prevent outages and maximise your systems availability. We provide remote support meaning our engineers can connect to any pc on your network that has an internet connection so time is not wasted on travelling and issues can be resolved much quicker. We make a backup of your current setup for redundancy purposes and offer a fast service, enabling your staff to focus on critical business activities.


Server and Network Support:
Setting up or expansion of your office network, configuring servers and workstations, deployment of software etc.
Telephone and Remote Support:
Having a problem - need urgent help? Within minutes of calling us, we can see your screen and start resolving the problem.
Site work and Call-out:
When you really need a person on site, we can usually be there the same day for new clients. Subscribers to our pre-paid service are guaranteed a 4 hour response.
Hardware & Software Support:
If a DispensIT machine has been replaced, you can download Hardware Drivers and Software from here. Also User Manuals for DispensIT, StockIT & MarsIT are available.


    Fast Support

    Reduce Downtime

    We help simplify maintenance and reduce costs by taking preventative action to maximise system availability.


    Remote Support

    Connect Anywhere

    We can connect remotely to your computer with an internet connection, anywhere in the country.


    Save Money

    Competitive Pricing

    With a variety of support options, we tailor our service to deliver the level of support that meets your unique business needs.


    Leverage Skills

    Experienced Engineers

    We help your business prevent downtime and improve uptime through rapid problem identification and resolution.

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