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    Looking for a secure, scalable and reliable database for your business?

    Software Design, Database Software, Business Software

    We have provided Database Solutions for Businesses across the country. If you having trouble keeping track of your huge pile of paper based records, or simply want to upgrade your current system, we can help! Using a bespoke, customised Database Application from Vivitech can help you run your business more efficiently. Whether you’re looking to manage Stock Levels, collate Customer Details or Manage Accounts, our solutions can help you save TIME and MONEY.

    SQL Server: Our specialist software developers can create databases specifically for large organisations using Microsoft's Industry Standard SQL Server Software. If you have an existing SQL Server Database that needs expanding or would require an entirely new solution, get in touch with us.

    Microsoft Access: If you are a small organisation and require a simple but reliable database system, a Microsoft Access Database solution can help save you money. We can build you a Reliable Database System or Excel Spreadsheet at a fraction of the cost than other companies. Get in touch with us to discuss ways we can help you.

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