Stock-IT Make sure you have the right amount of stock for when you need it.

Vivitech's Stock-IT software is designed for use within dispensing GP surgeries.

Do you find that it’s difficult for you to track the stock in your dispensary? Stock-IT is a Stock Control add-on module for Dispens-IT, allowing dispensers to scan in their stock and alert them when dispensing an item makes stock fall below a pre-set minimum. They can also add notes to alert to potential split packs and controlled drug procedures. And of course, it generates stock reports. Be accurate in dispensing and in control of dispensary stock.

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What you need to know

Stock-IT is an add-on to Dispens-IT that helps ease your ordering process. When new stock arrives, you scan one sample of each medication and enter how many packs are being added to stock, allowing Stock-IT to keep track of what is on your shelves.

As you scan outgoing items in Dispens-IT, stock is deducted and if stock of an item drops below a settable low level, Stock-IT prompts you to reorder.

The system provides reporting tools to generate stock reports and data is easily transferred to spreadsheets for usage analysis and many other applications.

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Stock-IT will be remotely installed by a Vivitech Technician and training will be carried out immediately following installation, though we do recommend that you use Dispens-IT for a while before adding Stock-IT.

Updates, telephone and remote support are free of charge for one year following installation.

An additional support fee per surgery will be charged at the annual renewal date for the Dispens-IT support.

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