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Detailed below is a brief overview of a selection of projects undertaken by Vivitech. These vary from simple modifications to full turn key systems. For a summary of each project, click on the appropriate hyper-link.


A Warehouse Supervisory System for a Brewery.

The purpose of this PC-based system is to provide up-to-date information about the stock held in the warehouse. In order to achieve this, it carries out three fundamental functions:

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Robotic Control and Diagnostics for a Plastics Company.

The design and commissioning of control software and diagnostics screens for a parts handling robot designed by a systems builder client.

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Stores Supervisory Control System for a Motor Manufacturer.

The large-scale pallet handling automation was controlled by an Allen-Bradley PLC-5/40 with system status overview and alarm indication was carried out via PanelView terminals.

Supervisory control of the store was achieved using a network of IBM compatible computers running a custom written software package known as SSCS (for Stores Supervisory Control System). SSCS is based upon a popular industry-standard database package with customised drivers to perform communications to the plant's existing In-Plant Material Flow (IPMF) system and to the PLC-5/40.

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Automating a Manual Operation for a Component Manufacturing Company.

The design, installation and test of control software for an Allen Bradley SLC 500 programmable controller.

The software was to replace that currently used to control a fully automatic cylinder head gasket assembly machine. The aim of replacing the existing software was to reduce machine down-time by providing a more reliable automatic cycle.

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A Training Course for a Food Manufacturer.

To supply a Training Course tailored to the specific needs of the delegates attending the course, covering Siemens hardware with specific emphasis to programming using the Quadriga programming language. All delegates were supplied with a comprehensive Training Manuals and a Course Completion Certificate.

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Parts Handling System for a Machine Tool Manufacturer.

The design, development and commissioning of a control system for a parts handling system.

This included the design of PLC software, drive control software and personal computer software together with a comprehensive documentation package including operating manuals, CAD-based electrical schematics and ladder logic listings. Also included is the necessary hardware to act as an operator terminal.

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Configuration of Management Information Software Packages for a Motor Manufacturer.

Supply and configuration of ICOM WinLinx software and associated Excel spreadsheets which were to act together to form a production and downtime logging system for a speedometer production cell.

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Interfacing a PLC with a PC for a Confectionery Manufacturer.

The supply and configuration of the hardware and software required to create an online data link between Siemens programmable controllers and a Personal Computer.

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Control System for a test rig for a Component Manufacturer.

This quotation is for the supply of a control system for a window regulator test rig which was constructed at the client's works, then re-installed at the end-user's works.

This included design, construction, installation and commissioning of the control panel and associated PLC software, together with an accompanying set of documentation.

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Refurbishment of existing equipment for a Machine Tool Company.

The refurbishment of a control system for two riveting machines to be rebuilt and tested at the client's works, then reinstalled at their client's premises.

Includes design, construction, installation and commissioning of the refurbished control panels and associated PLC software, together with an accompanying-set of documentation.

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Modifications to Software Controlling a Carbon Absorber for a Chemical Company.

The control system is based on an Allen Bradley PLC5 programmable controller which was programmed by the original equipment manufacturers. During 1993, Vivitech engineers were involved in installing and configuring a PC-based trending system to record and display selected process variables from within the PLC5 data table.

The client later wished to add new subsystems to the process which required modifications to both the PLC software and the trending configuration. In addition to software modifications, this also included supply of additional Allen Bradley PLC5 hardware and technical advice in producing the necessary new/modified wiring schematics.

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