Stock-IT Make sure you have the right amount of stock for when you need it.

Vivitech's Stock-IT software is designed for use within dispensing GP surgeries.

Do you find that it’s difficult for you to track the stock in your dispensary? Stock-IT is a Stock Control add-on module for Dispens-IT, allowing dispensers to scan in their stock and alert them when dispensing an item makes stock fall below a pre-set minimum. They can also add notes to alert to potential split packs and controlled drug procedures. And of course, it generates stock reports. Be accurate in dispensing and in control of dispensary stock.

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What you need to know

Stock-IT can help you ease your mind off the ordering process. Stock-IT monitors the outgoing items. When the stock level is low, it allows you to add the medication to the reorder list. The simple interface lets you easily navigate around the items and orders. Once you have selected which medication you want to reorder and which supplier you want to submit them to, you will be only a few simple clicks away from placing an order via the internet. The order is received by the supplier and the order is confirmed. Yes, it’s that easy!

You will be notified in case an item cannot be supplied, so that you can reorder the products at your convenience. The electronic ordering is simplified, so that you can focus on your everyday tasks stress-free. In this economy, every penny saved is important, by ensuring that you have stocked the right level of medication, your patients will be happy and you save money by preventing wastage.

The system also logs all items that have been placed for order and allows stock transfer between your branches. The built-in web browser gives you flexibility to choose any other supplier that might have a better offer for you. After starting to use Stock-IT, you will see how easily you meet your yearly National Health Service budget requirements. As a new user, you will be entitled to a FREE UK-based technical support for one whole year, in order to ensure that your productivity works for you and not vice versa.

This easy-to-use software will make your practice run faster and more efficiently and save you a lot of hassle and money on the long-run. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Order NOW or enter your contact details in the form to arrange a FREE live demo of the system. No obligation is needed for the demo. Don’t forget to favourite this page so you can visit it again!

For the current price please call us on 01777 234500 or email us at

Stock-IT will be installed by a Vivitech Engineer and training will be carried out immediately following installation.

Updates, telephone and internet support are free of charge for one year following installation.

An additional support fee per surgery will be charged at the annual renewal date for the Dispens-IT support.

User Manual Download (PDF) A PDF viewer will be required to view this Manual (Right Click and Save).

User Manual Download (Word) If PDF viewer isn't available on the machine, try our Microsoft Word version (Right Click and Save).

Checkout all the great Key Benefits

  • Reduce Ordering Time

    Reduces the ordering duration by 80%, no more tracking down product codes.

  • Electronic Ordering

    Submit orders electronically within minutes to Phoenix & AAH.

  • Perform Stock Transfers

    Transfer stock between your branches easily, with a transfer manifest report.

  • Meet Your NHS Budget

    Includes Browser to place orders on other websites for the best price.

This is how its look like

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